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Letra de canción de Morning Sun de Incognito lyrics

Once our love was drifting
I felt left out and alone
There was nothing more that I could do
I lost my hold on you
And through it all I kept my faith
In the good things from the past
Then one day out of the blue
You came back to me
In time, everything changes
Nothing stays the same
Goes 4 U, goes 4 me, goes 4 every 1
We're like the morning sun
In time, everything changes
Troubles disappear
Goes 4 U, goes 4 me, goes 4 every 1
We're like the morning sun
Holding on to something
'Cos it feels so right
You don't doubt it for a minute
Day or night
You know you've got to keep the faith
Don't let it slip away
Knew one day that you'd return
And together we will stay
If we believe there's a future
Take the time to remember
That the setting sun will always rise again

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