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Letra de canci�n de Monogamy de Self lyrics

Sittin' in a hotel lobby with a magazine
Hopin' that she don't come rob me of curiosities
And I'm hopin' that she'll just come
Hopin' that she'll just come clean
Well, I'm sittin' in a hotel lobby readin' magazines

What part of you's not sure enough?
What part of me's not measurin' up?
What makes yourself so sure about us?
Oh, Oh, monogamy

Sittin' in a hotel bar observin' from afar
Yea, I'm watchin' this woman flirt while her boyfriend gets the car
And I'm watchin' all the boys try one by wonder heart
Well, I'm watchin' this woman work while her boyfriend steals her car

What part of him' so dangerous?
What part of her says, "he is enough?"
What makes a love work based on trust?
Oh, oh, monogamy

I've been so wrong
Fallen apart
Life could be long
If you just realize
That love is an art

I'm watchin' all the boys fall one by one come clean
While I'm standin' in the hotel lobby with an empty magazine

Some things were meant to be
It's high-time I finally see
There's one me for you
And one you for me
Oh, oh, monogamy

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