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Letra de canción de Miracle Of Life de Walk On Fire lyrics

Waking up on the edge of a small town
This kind of life gets me so down hearted
Where nobody knows your name
You've only got yourself to blame
Take a job on low pay
Try to make ends meet
But we're living life from day to day
I'm fighting a war with my heart
This poverty will tear us apart

Don't you ever stop and think about it
Don't you ever stop and wonder why
Don't you ever stop
In the middle of the coldest night
You've been working all day for the love
Of a Mother and child

And that's the miracle of life
It came as no surprise
Another miracle of life
Whenever love is in her eyes

I dream on about the life I never knew
How I wish that one thing ever came true
And then I could stop you crying
We've got nothing left to lose

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