Letra de Meadow and the Stream - It Bites

Letra de canción de Meadow and the Stream de It Bites lyrics

I broke the lock and all the while
This open window let me fly
I don't recall the hows and whys at all

I used to wash in red and white
I used to dream in ocean light
I can't pretend the compass never lied
Take me home again my dear
Please take me far away from fear
They're darkening the meadow and the stream

Boy made a picture yesterday
Just walls and windows missing, charcoal grey
A barren landscape and a white picket fence
A lonely picture painting perfect sense
Boy paints a roof, a chimney, high as the spires
And feeling winter chill he gives the house a fire
He's feeling lonely so he paints himself a friend
A boy just like himself so he can comprehend
Meadow and the stream

It's getting dark now and he's walking up the stairs
And on the landing sees his friend lying there
"I cannot move from here, please carry me" he begs
All in a rush he never drew his friend some legs
So up the stairs the boy and his friend go
It's very quiet so they draw a radio
And out the window boy and friend stare below
With darkness quickening there's nowhere else to go
Meadow and the stream

And suddenly a thought arrives
"I'll draw my daddy, I have missed him all my life"
So in a moment, boy had placed him in the dream
Far in the distance by the meadow and the stream
Then Daddy calls out and there's something not quite right
He's drunk and angry and it's almost night
So in a hurry, boy just scribbles out his eyes
And in the distance, father's screaming, "Son, I'm blind"
Meadow and the stream

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