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Letra de canción de Martin de Division Of Laura Lee lyrics

I wanna fight all deceitful lies and never speak to you again.
So much for the last real innocent.
I keep taking photographs, to pin myself to the past
For always stay a boy and not a man.
I wanna fight all deceitful eyes, and never see 'em again.
There's no need to name yourself a friend.
I want your blood and I want your persona but I don't want you around.
Stick to the old opinion, don't make a sound.
And the young remain, at heart we could stay the same,
Our songs remembered, forever, not for sales.
I will last longer if you shut up and do as I tell.
I'll seem younger and you'll make more sense.
I met a girl she says she likes me like she likes the new trends.
Like the trendy signals that I send.
I keep shaking envelopes, trying to find the second note.

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