Letra de Man Like Me - Dylan Leblanc

Letra de canción de Man Like Me de Dylan Leblanc lyrics

The moment I gave in
To the pleasures of man
Some they called it weakness
While others called it sin
Little brother heres the trouble that I'm in
Well I've made a lot of money
And I've bought a lot of things
And I hear the many women
That tried to marry me
But the part I never came before the place
Brother long gone
Things I said and done
Have always been completely different things
Love (the young?) I stay
In the morning here's today
Trying to find a better way to live
A man like me
I remember as a young man
I played the hand they dealt
While I tried to bury
All the ways it felt
There's a man I thought she knew me
Fairly well
And if you want to find
That place and time
You can call upon a decent man like me
Will go on (the day of?)
Be fair the world
Cause the move's intact
See that sun run beat
In a man like me

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