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Letra de canción de Mad Dog de Pentagram lyrics

Help me out I need some re-arranging
You better help me out, there's got to be some changin'
If you wanna keep swingin' on my trapeze
Then get on your knees and learn how to please baby
Chargin' like a rhino I'll stop you dead in your tracks
Sharp as a razor take no skin off my back
You'd better button up honey
I'm a mad dog in heat
And I always leave a mark on the people that I meet
Awww turn me loose
Cuisin' on a tailwind take me home to you
I'll break a hole in the ocean and ride on through
Now don't lose your breath when I
Smack you on the back
I'll get the next one out of town on the railroad
Track honey you know I will mmm yeah yeah yeah

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