Letra de Lunch Or Dinner - Sunshine Anderson

Letra de canción de Lunch Or Dinner de Sunshine Anderson lyrics

I can tell that you're used to dealing with
Chicken heads who have no kind of class
They're unable to keep your mind intrigued
From moving too fast
What need is someone who can provide
You a challenge that's keeping you alive
100% woman yes indeed you
Say that's what you need
So I'm thinking


Since I'm who you want
And need in your life
Then we should do lunch
Or dinner sometime

I can see that you're full of confidence
One of many things I like about you
Your body language is speaking loud and clear
And it's music to my ears
So I'm thinking

Chorus-repeat 2x

Since I'm feeling you
And you're feeling me
Then I'm willing to take the chance
And show you what a true woman
Is all about
And we'll see how things play out, oh

Chorus-repeat 3x

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