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Letra de canción de Loveshy de Lunae lyrics

Since i, i`ve been searching all my lifetime,
`stead of thinking what will be will be,
Always in the wrong place at the right time,
Falled to see,
What was right,
In front of me.
From the moment you looked into my eyes,
I knew it would happen naturally,
Ain`t no stopping on my own last night
So roll whit it,
Go with it,
Ain`t gonna be
Whatever you say i,
I`m willing to,
Pay the price,
You`re the reason i`m feeling so high.
Tell me,
I`m gonna get sky high,
I`m willing to testify,
No doubt,
I wanna be,
Are you getting what i`m saying tell me,
Are you ready for your destiny, got my finger on th trigger spend the,
Rest of the night,
Getting freaky,
Along with me.
Are they saying hit that button baby,
I can read it like an open book
Feel your fingertips up and downs my
Play with it,
Stay with it
Ain`t gonna be,

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