Letra de Love And Caring - Crystal Castles

Letra de canción de Love And Caring de Crystal Castles lyrics

Here's my genius plan
To make a superior man
You're anatomically built
This half corpse can't guilt
Infected by your innocent heart
Blue blood, tear apart
Shattered glass makes shattered ribs
Now my head will start to give

I was your father, wincing at me
You're my deacon, perfect love
Doctor Death Mary Beth
Now I have a hearse to get
Solid screams, sleep machines
I'll be loved drowning in kerosene
What the fuck is this
Oh, it's the base

When you can't sleep, you think of me
I'm not yours, but follow me
Anesthetic, may your pace
Mutilate the human race
This way we could be together
Like a corpse stitched with leather
On this planet for so long
The silence screams my favorite song

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