Letra de Lost Amongst The Earth And Sky - Nox Aurea

Letra de canción de Lost Amongst The Earth And Sky de Nox Aurea lyrics

At the wall of desolation
I behold, there is no outer world
Am I here?

Deceased and buried in this lifeless grave
The profanity of birth, imprison and deprave
Burned alive, again and again

Memories or dreams?
I am lost in a space between
The mirror on the wall reflects my face
But where am I?

Engulfed by grief and anguish
In a dark maze of surrealistic lunacy
Screaming, at the staring wall of desolation
I regard, there is no world beyond me
Am I here?

Not a soul will ever see
Within the entity of me

Fading away...
As the voice inside grows stronger
Lost in a fracture amongst
The essence of earth and sky

So many times in life
I have strive to kill this ghastly pain
But I failed again and again
And now, the end is closing in
Please, be my saviour...

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