Letra de Losing You - Joe Lynn Turner

Letra de canción de Losing You de Joe Lynn Turner lyrics

Where have you gone, you're so for away
There's something wrong, I can see it in your face
Don't you worry, you don't have to plead
If that's the way you feel, go on, get up and leave me
I hear the talk, up and down the street
I get the news from everyone I meet
Know what you're saying, know what you wanna do
The writing's on the wall and every word is true

I'm losing you... I see it in your eyes
Losing you... There's nothing left fo hide
I'm losing you... What else can I do
No matter how I try, your love is just a lie

I'm losing you
What will you do when you give up the chase
Somebody new will put you in your place
I've seen it coming, I guess I've seen Ít all
No way of running from pride before a fall

I'm losing you... I'll give it to you straight
Losing you... I know that it's too late
Losing you... Go find somebody new
I won't stand In your way... I can't make you stay

I'm losing you... Giving up the fight
Losing you... I'm gonna be alright
Losing you... I'll find somebody new
She'll never hurt me, girl, not the way that you do

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