Letra de Little Baby Girl - Daddy Dj

Letra de canción de Little Baby Girl de Daddy Dj lyrics

Verse 1
You were born
Under a July silver moon
How could I have imagine
You will be here that soon
Just a call
Your daddy's voice on the line
Telling me you just arrived
Feelings rushed, so I wrote them down
Little Baby Girl, Candy Pearl
My song is for you
Count on me as you'll grow up
I will always be here for you
Little Baby Girl, Candy Pearl
May your life be sweet and true
I wish you all the best to come
My lucky star's on you
My Little Baby Girl
Verse 2
Watch out !
Life's a tricky thing sometimes
You will love and you will hate
And often you will fight
Stay still ! Hold on !
Storms will pass if you remain strong
Just know I will be by your side
So keep the faith, enjoy the ride

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