Letra de Limerent Death - The Dillinger Escape Plan

Letra de canción de Limerent Death de The Dillinger Escape Plan lyrics

I'm amazed at how you'll reinforce your guard
cause deep inside you're still a son of a bitch
mistakes forever haunt you a lie to persecute you
so thoroughly it's giving you fits

in your world make believe no one knows you
hold your breath count to ten
staring through a vacant glass that nothing can hope to ever fill
when movement ceases and everything is still

I thought that time was frozen instead my resting state
I thought we'd be forever what was I to say
you were never alone you just didn't know where to fucking go
but who will hear you fall if no one's there at all

do you feel fine are you a-okay do you wake up smiling
do you feel alright are you always shining

I gave you everything you wanted
you were everything to me

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