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Letra de canción de Lily de Portrait lyrics

A heraldic sign of purity
Shown to the blind in a time of distress
The great mask of an altered destiny
Shed its light upon a path towards egress

Yet the shadows of oppression were haunting
And the eyes of man could not see
The splendour of the beckoning exile
The road for a soul set to flee

I stood for so long in slavery
Asleep to the sound of their stagnating beat
But as I woke the fires of clarity
Through their lies I started to see

Yes the shadows of oppression were weakened
And the Eye of Spirit could see
The splendour of this graceful exile
Once shown through you, oh Lily...

I saw your signs
Sweet enhancer of my dreams
And picked your white to reach thy black

In turbid times
My longing soul you grasped and blessed
And granted the pleasures of soul flight

The archon's theft
Of my memories now healed
For there is a fire they can't reach

Your guarding shield
And your bliss of prophecy
Shall forever honoured be

You showed me the path, oh Lily
And let me commune with others like thee
Your guiding bliss, oh sweet Lily
Let me see the works of others like me

By your grace
I am stronger in our strife
Against the mud and plagues of life

Accept this hymn
As a part of my adoration
And as a vow of endless faith

Keep open the paths, oh Lily
And let me commune with others like thee
Your blissful might, oh sweet Lily
I'll forever honor, praise and feed

I mighty Daemon, you proved to the I
That the chains of fate through will have broken

When the thorns pierce inwards, then stay by my side
In my dreams keep guiding me upon these burning roads

Where I found my tracks, and through death in life
Until the very end shall climb the steps of His cross

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