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I really thought i got it this time. I never knew a thing like this could end.
I guess I’m really back to nothing, to what they use to call square one.
(I'm starting all over)
Waking up alone again now. Staring at the phone and wondering how.
Reading all the letters once more, try to figure out how this could be...
(all over, so over)
But then there is that someone, wherever I’m turning she's there
Like no one, you take the pain away
Like the sun, lighting up my everyday
You are the sun, the only one
Like no one, you stay around for me
Like the sun, lighting up the way for me You are the sun, the only one, you are the sun

I know I really shouldn’t do this. I really shouldn't make the same mistake...
(all over, we’ve been there)
I don’t even wanna do it, it's just a way of keeping thoughts away.
(An easy solution)
It will always be that someone, where ever I’m turning she's there
You are the sun. The only one i turn to in need.
You are the sun. The only one i truly believe.

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