Letra de Laughing Stock (feat. Craig Smith) - Kutt Calhoun

Letra de canción de Laughing Stock (feat. Craig Smith) de Kutt Calhoun lyrics

(Kutt Calhoun)
I felt that is was very, completely necessary,
For me to get to addressing these niggas in a hurry,
They woofing like they scary, but they pussyer than fairies,
But they sweeter than Ben & Jerry's, I'd hate to bust your cherry,
But I don't really carey, my ego's in the airy,
So if you feeling lucky, step to me and I will bury,
You in the cemetary, for thinking that you're sharing,
Existence with a real nigga you should all be wary,
I'm touring like the Beatles, winning everywhere that we go,
There's a woman in every state that will suck on my libido,
The hood is all my peoples, so I'm never incognito,
I got money, I got hoes like as tall as a cathedral,
You think I'm blowing smokey, you niggas would of told me,
If you knew another redder respresenter from the "show me",
KC is my dominion, and this is my opinion,
I dont need a clarification listen to what come in it go,

Money, naked women, HOES!
Crilla's full of CLOTHES!
Laughing on 'em like,
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
We got Phantoms, Bentleys, Maybachs, Rolls,
They that SLOW!
We be laughing on 'em like,
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

(Craig Smith)
Mr. Smith!
KC know I'm, Dragonball Gohan,
Ain't a sucka but haters could blow on, trees,
Oh I'm, so pleased, ladies say I'm so fine,
Got a religion with me like the Q'uran
Call me Moses, I'm laying the law
Ten ways you could look like money, I look like a mob,
Style is infectious, y'all better protect ya hearts,
I'm coming at your chest like a necklace,
Is it the images in my inner eye,
Or is it the truth, I'm sitting high nigga in the sky,
In a minute I'll, be on another planet,
You wish a nigga would, wish granted,
Your choice wanna ride with a fly boy?
Or die, get your mind right or get a job boy,
Go and plot in the mob, Footlocker,
And If I ain't got it I'ma get it, Waka Flocka


(Kutt Calhoun)
So there you have it my niggas, a special delivery,
Ge-get slapped silly and the rest is a memory,
Best in the middle be, par-par-partying all off the time
With some Sprite and lemine(lemon/lime?) in my Hennessy,
Looking at you figates feeling inglorious
We warriors why in the world would you war at us?
Laughing at you little doolittle faggots who can't even stomach us throwing up,
Why think about showing up?
To the majors when your talent is minor, now think about it,
Payless verses fitted designer, forget about it,
This is just a reminder, I've been about it,
I eat beef and I'ma style when I'm In-N-Out it, HA
Now you knowing exactly how we do's it
Don't confuse it, courtesy of Strange Music, HA
Pimpin' all of my party people to the new shit,
Kutt Calhoun and Craig Smith live exclusive,


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