Letra de La Paradoja - Los Tetas

Letra de canción de La Paradoja de Los Tetas lyrics

Milico culo de elefante, puta francesa que un cerdo te levante,
Cocíname el cerebro, dáselo de comer, córtame la cara, quémame los pies
no soy nadie, ya lo ves, pero puedo ser Elvis y cantar como él.
Dulce destino no la dejes ir, te daría un beso no te quiero herir.

Knock knock knock knock and cha' comin' butcha' see me witcha' girlfriend
in front in but she's flirtin' me and yar' motha fuckin' brain is thinkin' that
she's hurtin' me so so I give and give it every day low and ya' gonna learn
& learn how to rockinashow It's me: the T-T-i-m-e the mothafuckin' double T

I got mo' skills than the state hey got bills dum-bang-hey do tou know
what my fuckin' mouth isn't or is gonna say back to the dayz back to the
dayz hey so ya beginin' to clap yar' handz over the show before it blows hit
yar' head against my wall 33 more time mo' times when I grap da pencil or
da pen you try to rush my shit and then ya try it again yar' style is lackin'
like a lack&decker I'll be hackin' up yar stripe lee crew or may be just you
you think yar' hard to step outta yard so we can go I can mow ya like the
grass. I mean I kick yar' ass will only one pass
you like the new kids with some customes and dancers I'm rippin' through
yar shit like a new kind of cancer yar' gettin' diss and yar faded styles
won't be missed just like Menudo o cualquier nudo I'm like Popeye with da
spinach and you are like Bluto who's the fuckin' Bruto smoke this shit this
funky way...

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