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Letra de canción de Kimberly Glide de Robert Downey Jr lyrics

Vacation, holiday, strange way to save a family
I sat beside this brother's pride / For the last ride

Nosedive / Hellfire / My lifeline didn't survive
Blind rage set the stage to say / I'll never love again

Kimberly glides/ In the arms of cactus angels
Mayan big shots float around / Guess this is her home now
You mistook me for a man who understands
Things of godless, heartless, pitiful nature
Hell, I just settled in for the winter

Four five and seventeen / Still struggle with the meaning
It's a straight groove / I'm a man now
Turned out ok, perfect somehow

It's a love-hate in L.A.tely / Wanna glide but in a different way today
Drop to knee, pray deep, hope I meet my

Kimmy decides / She is down for a rare reunion
She jets a path north / Past the pitiful port / of sandy sunny San Diego

All those years / Out of reach / There's Manhattan Beach now
Ahead on the right now

Salvation / Holy day / My heart skips, jumps beats
I see a face / Sister God gave me and took away floating
Off my balcony in Del Rey

Good, good God...

Kimmy just smiles / Wants to stay forever
I'd have her but we know that's just a word
We wish we'd never heard when we're together
Says she must return / To cactus angels

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