Letra de Killing Astral Projections - Avulsed

Letra de canción de Killing Astral Projections de Avulsed lyrics

No Arms, No Legs
Confined In A Bed
For The Rest Of His Life
A Night, With His Bride
Inside The Car
They Were Attacked By Four
Unscrupulous Maniacs
The Girl, Raped To Death
In Front Of Him
He Couldn't Do Anything
To Help Her Screams Of Agony
The Guy Was Tied
Around A Tree
While His Wife Was Lying Dead
Stabbed And Cruelly Whipped
With Furious Rage
Until His Limbs Were
Hacked Out Of His Body Trunk
Left And Abandoned
Spilling Blood
Until Someone Found Him
And Brought His Remains To A Hospital
A Scrap Of Life Was Still Left Inside Of Him
The Aim Of Revenge Was The Only Thing
That Forced Him To Fight For Life
Countless Surgical Interventions
Which Put Him On The Edge Of Life And Death
Recovering, During Two Years, With Painful Therapies...
His Mind, His Soul, Could Be The Best Way For His Revenge
Astral Projections Could Act For Him
While His Inert Body Lies Peacefully
There Won't Be Proof Of Any Of The Crimes
He's Planning To Make To His Malefactors
All Of Them Will See The Unseen
Before Being Executed By The Avenger Soul...
Only A Shadow, A Dark Entity
Nothing Human
An Astral Projection
One By One, The Four Maniacs
Have Been Tortured
The Same Way They Did...

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