Letra de Kickstart My Jackknife - Smack Dab

Letra de canci�n de Kickstart My Jackknife de Smack Dab lyrics

Black soul won't get me on the radio
Stripped gears on the back of a loading dock
Dime bag on a Samsonite afterlife
Drop down. Kickstart my jackknife

Mezcal tape loop on the motorway
Hot lust, rush hour straightaway
I scratch and claw against the midwife
Drop down. Kickstart My jackknife

Gonna take my chops along the way
Lay them down wherever they may
I'm gonna drop my shit and run
So hard when the revolution comes

Hard knocks, up on blocks
On the front yard I heard the talk
Baby, I'm a pistol. Baby I'm a whip
You think you know me
But I'm a trip (CH)

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