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Letra de canción de KEEN TO A FAULT de Pain Of Salvation lyrics

There's a spot up in the ceiling
I'm staring at when we touch
It is not that I'm not feeling
I'm feeling too much

There's this moment when you're thinking
That I'm not fully here
It is not that I am not listening
I'm listening to

Everything that's all around
The constant movement of the sky and ground
Your voice just simply one of the thousand little sounds

The roaming rivers in my mind
We're fractals on the tide, our scope but pixel wide
And you think I fail to see your side?

Human human precious thing
The center of your everything
Concluding therefore that you must be interesting

You talk about your jobs and dreams
Your relatives, vacation plans, and football teams
My mind just swiftly flows upstreams

Every time I close my eyes
I can hear the roar
A thousand voices telling me
You're heading for a fall
Every day you lecture me
On measure and control
I cut my wings to keep you near
'Cause I'm keen to a fault

You keep talking about focus
Keep narrowing down my view
But I feel so much more broken
When I think like you

Where you used to see dysfunction
You must learn to see me
I was learn for multireading
Born to the stars

I was born to dream

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