Letra de Justify - Scott Stapp

Letra de cancin de Justify de Scott Stapp lyrics

I met a man in New Orleans,
Wore a half-suit with dark blue jeans
Kicked his heals together, winked at me real nice

I saw him from a mile away,
But in my state of mind, I let him make his play
"Hey, Boy, have you seen the other side?"

Yeah, in this man I saw the Devil's hand,
So I looked at him Man to Man, said,
"This time it's gonna be a fight!"

I do not have to justify, the way I live my life
I do not have to justify, the reason I'm alive

I saw her from across the room,
With diamond eyes, she's Heaven's jewel
Dropped two aces, smiled & threw my cards back

Yeah, I've been that man who lives deceit
Surrounds himself with Worldly things
So let me tell you a story, let me feed it to you

We fly around like we were Superman,
Live in another trance, a different way to dance,
With dark romance, you get another chance,
To do that dirty dance, without consequence

Let me change the timber of this section
Add a little booze to ice
I guess you probably noticed
I've been living a double life

So fly around like you are Superman,
Given another chance - A different way to dance
With true romance, you get another chance,
To tell your dirty, darkest secrets

[Bridge] / [Chorus]...
...No more ...It's just not me
...Not me ...I'm just like you

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