Letra de Jean - Jeanette

Letra de canción de Jean de Jeanette lyrics

Just the other day I started thinkin'
how we messed up our love and fell apart
an' I really couldn't keep on playing "hangin' tough"
I'm feeling weak an' I'm gonna lose my guard
Don't you stay away
need you still today
love is real
and I will show you
'twas the name you gave to me
in a way that made me see
I've realized I cannot do much better
you're the one I'm countin' on
ev'ry time I hear this song
have seen the light, boy, I gotta hear your voice - Jean
I would move the world to see you laughin'
I'd follow you to each an' ev'ry place
but I know that I would have to do some changin'
if you saw darlin' you would be amazed
I'll have to endure
waitin' for my cure
love is real
and you can show me
Ev'ry day I'm hopin' for a sign from you
that tells me it's ok
it's ok
an' I can't wait to hear you call...

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