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Letra de canción de It Takes More de Ms Dynamite lyrics

The things that you promote
Fighting, violence
Like you don´t want to grow
Your talking so much sex
But you not tell her you spelt AIDS
You not tell her ´bout consequence, no
Your talking like you a G
But you are killer killing your own
Your just a racist man´s pussy
Tell me who wants to know
What when who where
Or how you lose control.

Certainly not me
Certainly not me
´Cause baby personally
I like to be challenged mentally
I´ve heard it all before
Gangsta´s pimps and whores
Quality is poor
A girl like me needs more.

It takes more (takes more)
To amuse a girl like me
So much more (much more)
To confuse a girl like me
They´ve got ´tude (got ´tude)
´Cause while you braggin´ ´bout your badness your just
Avoiding, adding
To the real shit thats happenin´ to us.

Now who gives a damn
About the ice on your hands?
If it´s not too complex
Tell me how many African´s died
For the baguettes on your Rolex?
So what you pushing a nice car
Don´t you know there´s no such thing as superstar
We leave this world alone
So who gives a psss(fuck) about the things you own?.

Certainly not me
Certainly not me
´Cause baby personally
I like to be challenged mentally
Your shit´s insignificant
And it don´t help to pay my rent
Its pure negativity
That you impose on me.

Now I can sit
And chat a spit about dicks and sex
But my business is my business I got self respect
I can talk ´bout how my press could pick man´s dough
Get the keys to his ride and his home
But I mix it up and that would make me a ho´
Little sisters now I really gotta let you know
Real woman ain´t sexin´ for no mans dough
Real woman work hard to make the dough
And we can all chat baguettes and blacks
The blacks false hype and all the stereotypes
We´re used to watching, but that ain´t what I´m here for
Show them to think higher and aspire for more.

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