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Letra de canción de Into The Ground de Pentagram lyrics

Well, you just sit and wonder why
That every time you start to cry
The memories and pain come running home
Well, maybe you've got too much pride
I can see that you hurt inside
There's no way that you can right your wrong
Well, your lonely hours are becoming whole days
The pressure's clamping down
Someday soon it's gonna drive you
Into the ground, yeah
Now deep inside your private dreams
You found that life's not what it seems
Never let your thoughts rise to the top
And now I hope I've answered why
Next time that you sit and cry
'Cause you want me back, can't open up
Well, your axis of thoughts has started falling apart
Your comprehension drowns
You better run for your shell
Sack into the ground
Your glass stays half empty
But mine stays half full
The sheep will always be shorn
As the wolves move in for the kill, yeah
Into the ground
Into the ground
Into the ground, yeah
Into the ground, yeah

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