Letra de In Your Hands - Jessica Sanchez

Letra de canción de In Your Hands de Jessica Sanchez lyrics

Stay with me take my hand
Cause together we canstay
I'm on my way both wings out stretch
If you don't come with me
I know you'll regret it
You'll never forget it
Just how good we had it
So baby don't let this go
You gotta start believing
Well here's we gonna make it
Whatever your life wondering
When you can have all world in your hand
So much love inside these arms
But tomorrow it could be gone
And I can see our future in your eyes
Trust your heart and ease your mind
So don't you worry I'm not too much
'Cause I love you hush!
All that matters in the end
We've got love and understand it
Stay with me take my hand
And together we can stand
Say you love me take my hand

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