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Letra de canción de In Your Dreams de Victoria Beckham lyrics

I take one look in your eyes
I can't believe how perfect you are
I fall in love everytime
You take a breath
As you lay in my arms
I'll always keep you from harm
I promise

In your dreams i'll walk with you(i'll walk with you)
To the edges of heaven i'll be there for you(i'll be there for you)
In my heart you'll see the truth
Close your eyes till you find me in your dreams
I'll walk with you

To hear you call my name
A single word that turns to a song
Brings me joy so hard to explain
A simple truth
This is where i belong
And thats all because of you
My precious love


From the moment you came
Into my life
I knew the world was right
The angels must have sent you down to me
Take my hand and
You'll see things in your dreams
Are in my dreams



I'll walk with you

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