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Letra de canción de In The End de Watchmen lyrics

You don't understand, the wave of my hand,
You say that I'm evil, don't wanna be my friend.
I know that I'm here, but I wanna be there,
I'm up when I'm falling, and down when I'm up there.

Never lookin' back on your decisions,
In a moment you live your life.
Take me as I am,
Cause this is what I am.

I'm falling behind,
I feel like I'm blind.
The pain that I´m feeling
Is just too hard to hide.

I'm feeding the fire
(I'm feeding the fire)
Flyin' too high
(Flyin' too high)
Don't know where I'm goin'
I'm afraid I'm gonna die.

Sorry if I'm takin' your attention,
Sometimes I just feel like I'm a child.
Can this be the truth or just another lie,
And my heart keeps breaking.
But I'll be right here singin'
Singin' my heart
Until the sun goes down.

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