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Letra de canción de Imprisoned de Sigh lyrics

Welcome to my never-ending tale
This is where my violent journey begins

Screaming inside of me
Feeding my lunacy
Yearning for sanity
With nowhere to turn

I am the hunter, you are my prey
In emptiness is where I slay
I'm stealing every breath you take
The silence never breaks!

Open my eyes what do I see
A lifeless corpse in front of me
My bloodied hand clenching a blade
Did I commit this act of rage

Cannot believe what I have done
Where do I look where do I run
This secret lurks within my head
Where will it end

This fearless soul drifts in the black
In desperation it attacks
How will I ever close my eyes
Their pain engraved into my eyes

Screaming inside of me
Feeding my lunacy
Yearning for sanity
With nowhere to turn

Fear of another day
Fantasy to be played
Fear of another soul
There's nowhere to turn

These infinite walls separate, reality from unconsciousness
I'm dreaming with opened eyes, imprisoned by separate lives
That I'm living
Running towards the white light, my steps make me dizzy as I fall into the void
Will I wake from this dream or drift into an episode of slaughter
Imprisoned by separate lives and separate souls
Will I wake or will I kill again

I am imprisoned!

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