Letra de If You Have To Ask - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Letra de canción de If You Have To Ask de Red Hot Chili Peppers lyrics

A wanna be gangster
Thinkin´ he´s a wise guy
Rob another bank
He´s a sock ´em in the eye guy
Tank head
Mr. Bonnie and Clyde guy
Look him the eye
He´s not my kinda guy
Never be
Confusion proof
Pudding´s sweet
But too aloof
Orange eye girl
With a backslide dew said
Yo homie
Who you talkin´ to
A backed up paddywagon
Mackin´ on a cat´s ass
One upper cut
To the cold upper middle class
Born to storm
On boredom´s face
And a little lust
To the fucky ass flea bass
Most in the race
Just lose their grace
The blackest hole
In all of space
Crooked as a hooker
Now suck my thumb
Anybody wanna come get some
If you have to ask
You´ll never know
Funky motherfuckers
Will not be told to go
Don´t ask me why
I´m flyin´ so high
Mr. Bubble meets superfly
In my third eye
Searchin´ for a soul bride
She´s my freakette
Soak it up inside
Deeper than a secret
Much more
Than meets the eye
To the funk
I fall into my new ride
My hand my hand
Magic on the one
Is a medicine man
Thinkin´ of a few
Taboos that I ought to kill
Dancin´ on their face
Like a stage on vaudeville
I feel so good
Can´t be understood
Booty of a hoodlum
Rockin´ my red hood

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