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Letra de canción de If I Fall de Matchbox Twenty lyrics

(When I get)
(When I get)
When I get close to something beautiful
Then I feel love because I know I'll never have it for too long
I've been every where
I'm like an institution
I fell down upon myself
Just to pray for sweet solution
If I fall
When I get home I swear I'm going to change my ways
and I'll stop dancing and never let it living up these days
I say all the words but lack a real solution
I tell all of my friends to stick around and see who's right
and If I fall
Help me if I fall
Help me if I fall
Don't let me go
you got to give me the strength that got me
To get me by, to get me high
To help me take over this city
Well let it go
Darling let it go
Don't let it go
Oh no don't let it
and if I fall
and if I fall
Help me if I fall
Help me if I fall
Yeah Help me if I fall
Help me if I fall

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