Letra de Idol Minded - Harlott

Letra de canción de Idol Minded de Harlott lyrics

Talk tough but you lack comprehension
Subtlety is lost on your empty mind
Scorn truth for your factual advantage
Utterly indignant to the waste of life

Preacher of an evident subscription
Resonates at the frequency of lies
Bow down to the ill-conceived agenda
Worship the face that fronts a paradigm

Twisted words the law
Idol minded

Subscribe to the lecherous synopsis
Pay the fees cognitive dissonance
Closed eyes, shut mind, dulled hypothesis
Abstract musings with a fatal flaw

There stands at th? precipice a vigilant
Propaganda for the waiting mass
No truth can ?ver penetrate the ignorant
Deception makes the most of pieties plan

Bolden in the war
Idol minded

Disconnected, venerated icon makes a martyr of the stage
As they fade away
Lime lights dull glow barely illuminates the way
Yet still the hate remains

Caught fast in the immoral dilemma
Words stuck in the erode of time
So a pale a motive to be torn between
Which impulse will embrace denial

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