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Letra de canción de I Want You Now de Depeche Mode lyrics

I want you now
Tomorrow won´t do
There´s a yearning inside
And it´s showing through
Reach out your hands
And accept my love
We´ve waited for too long
Enough is enough
I want you now
My heart is aching
My body is burning
My hands are shaking
My head is turning
You understand
It´s so easy to choose
We´ve got time to kill
We´ve got nothing to lose
I want you now
And I don´t mean to sound
Like one of the boys
That´s now what I´m trying to do
I don´t want to be
Like one of the boys
I just want you now
Because I´ve got a love
A love that won´t wait
A love that is growing
And it´s getting late
Do you know what it means
To be left this way
When everyone´s gone
And the feelings they stay
I want you now

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