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Letra de canción de I'm Sad de Ice Mc lyrics

Why can't you be the way I want you to be
Cause I tried so hard and I cannot see
A way to get it through to you to make you understand
You should be my girl and I should be your man
We had great times, we did many things
I looked after you, I gave you nice clothes and rings
But don't get me wrong 'cause like The Beatles said
"Money can't buy love" that wasn't in my head
I know I didn't say it to you all the time
But it's always been the main thing on my mind
That I love you there's always something not right
Like at night we go out, you get jealous and fight
Now that it's over, it really burns a lot
'Cause the girl that I want is the girl that I got
Baby I love you, but try to change your ways it's possible
I'll wait for the rest of my days

I'm sad
So sad

Girl I want your love, I want you to be mine
Stay by my side and make me feel so fine
We went to bed together and I squeezed ya tight
And I loved you right the way through the night
Ya kiss, ya touch, I liked it so much
Never again with another girl I get the chance to feel such a feeling like now
I felt with you girl, I'm so puzzled I don't know what to do
Ok I know that everybody has problems
And everybody does their best to try to solve them
I tried hard for a real long time
But there's not many people with a problem like mine
I solved it the only way was to quit
I will take me sometime to get over it
But girl ya made me feel so bad
Now it's over, I'm sad

I'm sad
So sad

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