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Letra de canción de I Don't Mind de Superheavy lyrics

Out by the desolate shore
The waves come in with a roar
The children are playing
Throwing stones in the water
Dogs are chasing
The seagulls are flickering, bickering, bickering
Horses are out in the pasture
Seeing who's running faster
And inside the house
A young girl is sewing
What a peaceful scene
Like a faded dream
It all looks like a sepia photograph
I don't mind
If you live in my mind
I'm happy to keep you there
And that's fine
Oh you
You're all that i like
And my imagination's clear
The sun shines bright on the water
I walk with my daughter
And the whole world is
Shimmering, shimmering, shimmering
I hear a churchbell ring
With a kind of lilt and swing
Just then the noise of the planes
Is shattering, shattering, shattering
Out by the desolate shore
By the marshy moor
The children were playing
Horses are out in the pasture
Saddled up for the master
Meanwhile the clouds are
Gathering gathering gathering
(then damian half sings half raps,
Another of his specialties)
And even though you're just a figment
Of my thoughts i'm still loving every segment
And my imagination got me desperate
And you've already took away my next breath
Which means i'm doomed from the outset
Because i'm in love without an outlet
Which means i can't make no progress
Means my ambitions are hopeless
I want to wrap around you like a necklace
But i can't, so you got me moving reckless
To you i'd rather give more and take less
Because you got me want to conquer every conquest
I'm trying to tell you that i love you from the longest
I'm trying to tell you that my loving is the strongest
I'm trying to tell you that...
Sweet dreams are made of me
And who are you to disagree?

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