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Letra de canción de I Can Feel Him In The Morning de Grand Funk Railroad lyrics

Child 1:
He kind of started all the plants growing, and he started people. Well, I guess he's kind of big and fat.
Child 2:
He can see us wherever we do ... whatever we do. He has such powerful eyes -- he has to have millions and thousands and billions. And he can still see us when we're bad.
Child 3:
He could be sitting on the table right now, but you can't see him.
Child 4:
He can't be everywhere at once doing everything for everybdy. Everybody can't get what they want.
Child 5:
Well, his job is to make us good and to make us happy and make us parents happy.
Child 6:
Good is the right thing and bad is the wrong thing.
Child 7:
When I'm good my mother never yells at me, when I'm bad she does.
Child 8:
Good means to obey your mother and father, to do what the teacher says -- the things right. I feel miserable when I'm ... when I'm bad, I feel miserable on the inside but, on the outside, I just feel like I ... I feel now.
Child 9:
I think ... um, um ... there are more people that are bad than there are good. And, um ... if you're good, you'll live forever. And, if you're bad, you'll die when you die ... (repeat last sentence two more times to fade in echo)
Take me down to the water, let me feel it run over me.
Let me feel the pain and the coldness, the loneliness that there must be.
Whoa, can't you see their dreams, as they go drifting by?
Whoa, can't you see their faces, and their tear-soaked eyes?

I can feel him in the morning, I can feel him in the evening too.
I can hear him in the morning, tellin' me what I got to do.
Got to make a new world, ought to make the old one right.
I can see him in the morning, I can see him in the stars at night.

Take me out to the battlefield, let me hear the shells flying by.
Let me hear the sound of the cannons, let me hear them scream and cry.
Whoa, can't you hear their dreams, as they tumble to the blood-soaked ground?
Whoa, hear them scream for shelter, from the world they never found.


Oooo, Oooo, Oooo, Oooo-ooo. (repeated out to end)

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