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Letra de canción de How Can We Survive de Solid Base lyrics

Crying I never wanted you to go away
Leaving me alone
Trying to see what happened, what meant to be
But I can't live without you

Baby, why did you have to be you baby
It's so unfair to me, I need you
I can't believe that you are gone
Because you didn't want
How can we survive is what you want
What can we do to make it better
What will our children born want to be

Can someone tell me

One day what kind of people ...
Leaving me to die
Something has happened to this world
And I don't want a part of it baby

I ain't tripping cause I got a mind on my own
Thinking 'bout the youngsters that ain't yet to be born
What world do we had to leave behind
With these drugs, violence, society going blind

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