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Letra de canción de Hot & Heavy de Bitch lyrics

Oh when the lights go down,
that's when my blood starts to race.
Nothing's gonna hold me back,
I just can't stand in one place.
Fists are shaking in the air, and all heads do the same.
So, tonight we're gonna kick some ass.
If you're willing, we're fair game.
Hot, Hot and Heavy
Hot, Hot and Heavy
Hot, Hot and Heavy
Hot, Hot and Heavy.
Don't just sit there and waste,
it's time that you've heard our call.
So give us everything that you've got,
you know we'll give it our all.
Tonight we band in the time,
that's the way it should be.
Hot and Heavy all of the way.
That's the only way for me.
Well, we're hot, we're hot.
Hot, hot,

Oh, be with us tonight.
I promise I won't steer you wrong.
Well, so come on and join the ranks
of the hot, the heavy, the strong.
Rock 'till you wanna die, give it your every last breath.
Scream 'till your throat is gone.
Bang your head to death.
We're hot!

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