Letra de Hope (Acoustic) - David Campbell

Letra de canción de Hope (Acoustic) de David Campbell lyrics

When nothing goes your way your heart begins to fade
How ever hard you try the problems seem endless
It's your own bed you made not gonna go away
You just break down and cry, must be away out of this
No use feeling sorry for yourself coz you got something else

Hope there's gotta be a little bit of you and me
Hope the only way we're gonna keep our sanity
Hope there's gotta be a little bit of you and me
What ever it takes hold on keep riding through the storm

Don't dream of giving up don't dream of giving in
Just gotta keep your head the answers are with in you
Don't think of losing heart, it's tearing you apart just gotta carry on
You know you can get through
No use felling soprry for yourself coz you've got something else


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