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Letra de canción de Hold On Tight de The Communards lyrics

Thought my hopes had died that night. I saw the future slowly slip away. Seems we've got this great divide, Self-gain and greed have had their wicked way. Now, now we've go five more years, And wasted tears won't wash this stain away. The days ahead look bleak for some, The feast for others has begun.
Hold on tight, hold on tight, hold on tight to what you've got.
How I felt despair that night, Our fears have surfaced once again, Shame, ashamed at what they've done By making it a little harder for me and you. Now I ask what can be done, Down these crumbling streetsA wind of change must come, As I take you in my arms We will proudly walk and never run.
Hold on tight, hold on tight, hold on tieght to what you've got.
Some have seen it all before, It wasn't all that long ago. They've sold us lies, they've sold us lies, Glass houses in the city, retreats at ile des chiens, Time to get up off our knees And work to towards a brighter day. All the hopes I thought I'd lost that night Will give me strength to overcome

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