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Letra de canción de Hey Baby de The Lost Trailers lyrics

Your Daddy thinks I’m up to no good, I’m only doin’ what a young man should
It’s been 13 days since I’ve seen your face, I can tell, pretty babe, you wanna get away
So I’m firin up the Chevy, you better get ready, hit downtown with the tailgate down
Blast “Song of the South” till the cops come out, watch the full moon glide on the riverside….
Hey Baby, Hey Baby
Let’s take a ride this Saturday night, get lost under the full moonlight
Hey Baby
I got a cooler and a fifth of rum, ride by our old high school on Highway One
Raise these Solo cups to the hands of fate. Can you believe they ever let us graduate
Now the strips fillin’ up, ain’t no place to hide, its gettin’ so hot with you by my side
Tell me what you want, Tell me what you need, Tonight I swear I’m gonna give you everything…..
Repeat Chorus
Hey babe, it’s been a long, long time
But it feels so right when you hold me tight
You know I wanna make it last all night
Repeat Chorus

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