Letra de Heroin Waltz - Harakiri For The Sky

Letra de canción de Heroin Waltz de Harakiri For The Sky lyrics

Somewhere there's a garden of everlasting love within me
But I fear that all you can see are the scars that grace my skin
These lightless walks will chafe us and just the drugs keep us warm
People feel so lonely in the dark, I feel so lonely in the light

I feel so sad about the people
That never made it behind the bars of their hometown
That never saw these bottomless depths
That never walked these mires, I have walked

Worth the pain that has burned me and scarred my soul
For having been allowed to walk where I have walked
Which was to hell on earth, heaven on earth and back again
Under, far beneath, through it, in it... ...and above...

My dear, the concept of "home" is such a vague notion
As I can't stay in the same place for more than three days
Once you told me, that I'll never find home without leaving
But now I saw so many places, I at least forgot them all
So I'm lying in my bed, in my house
And all I want to do is to go home...

I had to promise them that I won't go, but nevertheless, I will leave
I'd like to think they must have known that I would do this one day
So I hope to arrive at my burial late, psychotic and wasted
Cause when it's about death, I feel nothing at all
Nothing but anticipation
Nothing at all

And I will never regret all the wounds you inflicted on me
Cause another two of these scars and the world is dead

For how I harmed you, my dear... ...I am sorry...
But as this last summer passed I could no longer bear the pain
This was our last autumn and I'll take the blame
...I'm so fucking sorry... ...but that's how it ends...

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