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Letra de canción de Goodbye Michelangelo de Steve Earle lyrics

Goodbye Michelangelo
Ain't no trouble where you go
Ain't no pain to burn you blind
Just enough to draw a line

Goodbye maestro, fare thee well
Gone to heaven, been to hell
But maybe just New Mexico
Goodbye Michelangelo

So long my captain, adios
Sail upon the sea of ghosts
Chase the white whale to the end
Bring the story back again

I'm bound to follow you some day
You have always shown the way
So we knew where we had to go
Goodbye Michelangelo

Oh, Susanna don't you cry
He'll find you by and by
Just like he did before
This ain't forever, it's just

Goodbye till it comes my time
I won't have to travel blind
Taught me everything I know
Goodbye Michelangelo

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