Letra de Good Time - Earth, Wind & Fire

Letra de canción de Good Time de Earth, Wind & Fire lyrics

It's the kind of a night
You could use a friend
You feeling a loss
And you need a win
A perfect eleven
Between one and ten
Got the right way
To make a sad night end

If my mind was being read
She made a natural move
As if I'd said
Wanted to slow dance
My mind is on romance
And I want to score


From Rock and Roll
To R&B
Don't know what she said
Do know what she meant
One arm pointed
Other arm bent

Making sounds you seldom hear
Moved her head
Make it all clear
She gave me a card
For the handicapped
Say I'm a specialist
At body rap


Come into my world
Be a believer a living acheiver
See what your thoughts can guarantee

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