Letra de Good News On The Remix - X Ambassadors

Letra de canción de Good News On The Remix de X Ambassadors lyrics

Dude. I got to hear it! I wanna fucking hear it! I can't even like,
I can't even process what is going on right now, so, I like, like,
need a moment. Hold on, I'm losing it

I got two phones, I'm trying to record you crying.

I can't
I'm not crying, dude!

I'm recording you crying, man!

Fuck! You gotta send it to me, though! Can you please send it to me?

I don't know what you're talking about.

God damn it. Oh my God.

Alright, man.

Noooo! Fuck you, man, this is so crazy!
I'll figure
I'll tell the guys to get in on it.

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