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Letra de canción de Go Mad and Mark (Live) de Envy lyrics

You extend your heartbeat hoping to
Satisfactiory circulation
Forget the body you have entrusted
Smile at the corner of memories

Even an accidental streaming voice wont touch tomorrow
Awkwardly pile up the isolation with anxiety one by one
It keeps talking without ceasing before me
Even I can do little
There is nothing I want to hear
What is that I can do for now?

The times I saw the place I ended up
I grasp the vision I found in the end

Shut everything up from the world again
For a tiny ray of light
Set it free from this anxiety
Raise it carefully
There is ntohing here
Suffer for nothing as it is
Walk around cause its entertaining
Couldn't keep the promises to replace you
I always carry it with me until the time comes
I know you won't wait
Because you are farther away from me
Caught up only be earning
Don't even try to let it go

At the end of the world I found out I can't turn back
Staring with farewell. then comes the time the promise expects

Eyes that abandon individuality and hope you dislike
Exhausted moment melts into a given sigh.

This feeling goes on endlessley
I obtained after a total transformation
The map comes back into a faded color
I tear it and stray
The past, tomorrow, the future, it's all fixed
It goes on, intense, growl, it goes on
Stop, eternally, calm, stop
Reach ahead, stir, reach
Mark today- go mad and mark

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