Letra de Genesis - Hot Tuna

Letra de canción de Genesis de Hot Tuna lyrics

The time has come for us to pause,
And think of living as it was,
Into the future we must cross,
Must cross,
I'd like to go with you,
I'd like to go with you,

You say I'm harder than a wall,
A marble shaft about to fall,
I love you dearer than them all,
Them all,
So let me stay with you,
So let me stay with you,

And as we walked into the day,
Skies of blue had turned to gray,
I might have not been clear to say,
To say,
I never looked away,
I never looked away,

And though I'm feelin' you inside,
My life is rolling with the tide,
I'd like to see it be an open ride,
Goin' along with you,
Goin' along with you,

The time we borrowed from ourselves,
Can't stay within a vault to dwell,
When living turns into a lender's will,
I'd like to be with you,
I'd like to be with you,

And as we came out into view,
And there I found myself with you,
When breathing felt like something new,
..thing new,
Goin' along with you,
Yeah, goin' along with you.

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