Letra de Fuel On The Hill - Beatallica

Letra de canción de Fuel On The Hill de Beatallica lyrics

He's the fuel on the hill
See him coming for the kill!
Day after day, prone on a hill
A man like a nitro junkie is drinking straight from a still
Nobody wants to slow him They can see he needs his fuel
He's a Beatallibanger
He drinks fuel on the hill Til the sun's going down
Eyes seeing red And the world spinning 'round
Hard, loose, and clean, head in cloud
Quenching his thirst with metal screaming perfectly loud
No one else wants to hear it Beatle black or Metalli-white
Fuck 'em man, white knuckle tight
Woah-the fuel is pumping engines You can tell what he wants to do
Your face on the chrome is burning
He never listens to them He knows they're the fools
On he burns and they don't like him
On he burns…!

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