Letra de Fraudulent Cloth - Atheist

Letra de canción de Fraudulent Cloth de Atheist lyrics

Fraud woven into cloth
Draped upon the have not's.
Tried to secrify, while you close your eyes.
So they continue..same criminal, different venue.
Hide the cardinal file, you lied you pedophile.
You know what you've done, and you know they were molested
Step upon this soul you should most surely be arrested.
Immuned behind the cross.
Innocence of many forever lost.
Rights and privilege, over sacrilege.
Felon for all to see.
Please tell me why this man is walking free?
Fraud upon the cloth, fraud upon the cloth!

You knew all along and you facilitated priests.
A predator, a little child, you hypocrite, you beast!
No other court in the world, would allow any man to escape
The participation and cover up, of a little child who was raped.
Fraudulent, the fraudulent cloth, fraudulent the fraudulent cloth

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